As always, the winds of change blew fierce across Atlanta in 2022.

But in a year filled with news of sky-high Midtown proposals, BeltLine progress, and downtown’s big comeback visibly starting, Urbanize Atlanta readers were most interested in… a totally random selection of topics. Except for the common theme that was the southside of town, which interestingly accounts for half of the most-read stories in 2022.

Here’s a quick rundown:

10. Back in the spring, a reader tip prompted this photographic preview of Spivey Splash Water Park, which is promoted as a “premier destination spot for people around the world to enjoy”:

April: South of Atlanta, bodacious public water park to open next month”

Clayton County Parks and Recreation

9. Atlanta’s booming TV and film industry and the (false) promise of delectable, oniony sliders was apparently a winning combination:

July: Yes, Hollywood is building a White Castle near downtown Atlanta”

8. Prior to another red-hot summer of ATL development, we took stock of seismic changes happening south of downtown:

May: Don't look now, but Atlanta's southside is blowing up”

7. Not all big news involved huge projects in ’22, as this venture called the first Black-developed micro-community in the United States proved:

November: South of downtown Atlanta, uniquely cheap housing concept has risen”

Overview of a community designed to promote neighborly interactions. South Park Cottages

6. During a banner year for ATL accolades, this was definitely a highlight: 

August: Economist publication names Atlanta most livable city in U.S.”

5. Dubai + a long-abandoned Ingles shopping center on Jonesboro Road + unprecedented ambition/delusion = “The Roman” proposal:  

August: 20 renderings: Audacious megaproject uncloaked in Clayton County”

An updated rendering for the multi-tower, $800-million The Roman proposal, which would be anchored by a modernistic, low-rise amphitheater shown at center. Courtesy of Roman United; designs, Yamasaki/Bad Consult

4. A combination of candid nostalgia, real offensiveness, and a serious contemplation of how ATL perceptions have changed in recent years:

January: Remembering the Atlanta map that offended everyone, 7 years later”

3. Sprawl in 2022 proved itself very much alive across the metro:

July: South of Atlanta, massive swath of land sells for 1,000+ more homes”

2. Evidence that Atlantans, by and large, aren’t averse to useful bus services—at least when they lead to the ocean:

June: New bus service from Atlanta to Florida beaches launches”

1. An introduction to the “ATL Trains” concept was proof that metro Atlantans are curious about, if not starving for, innovative transportation solutions. This is our most-read story since Urbanize Atlanta launched last year:

September: Introducing 'ATL Trains': A revolutionary approach to Atlanta transit?”

The aerial overview of a hypothetical regional commuter train network in existing railroad right-of-way. Courtesy of Caleb Stubbs/ATL Trains

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