With Centennial Yards’ first new towers officially under construction in the Gulch, the finishing touches being applied to Hotel Row on Mitchell Street, retail signings at Underground Atlanta, and a popular brewery in full swing at the base of a formerly vacant, historic building, South Downtown's long-promised turnaround appears to be finally rumbling to life.

But how should Atlantans get around down there, once they have more reasons to visit—or to call South Downtown home?

That’s the question being posed by downtown boosters Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Downtown Improvement District right now.

The community leadership groups are developing a South Downtown Transportation Study as a means of implementing changes before it’s too late, and they’ve launched a short survey to gather public feedback.

Topics include suggested improvements to public transit in the South Downtown area (and the potential of free MARTA rides during large events), dangerous intersections, suggestions for bike infrastructure, sidewalk upgrades, and more.  

Officials say the planning study will conclude in March and “will pave the way for neighborhood enhancements” in the area. Its goal to build on existing planning efforts and “incorporate the growing development portfolio in the area alongside special event needs,” per CAP/ADID officials.  

The survey is intended to take five to eight minutes to complete (our test-run took seven minutes), and inputting your email at the end qualifies you for a chance to win a $50 Wild Leap brewery gift card.

Note: The area covered in the study could be the most generous definition of “South Downtown” of all time:  

Central Atlanta Progress/the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District


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