Call it a slight case of citywide NIMBYism, no big deal, or the epitome of first-world problems, but for skyline aficionados, the struggle is real: As Atlanta continues to build upward, iconic sight-lines that have made certain places special are falling by the wayside.

Think of the upstairs patio views at New Realm Brewing Co. on the BeltLine. Or eastward views from the 725 Ponce building. Or north-facing vistas from much of Midtown’s Viewpoint tower.

But as reader (and frequent Peachtree Road commuter) Eric Palm points out, one of the biggest losses among Atlanta “view corridors” is on the 2023 horizon—albeit a gain for overall housing supply and for-sale multifamily stock.

One of the more magical street-level views (especially at night) of Midtown and downtown’s skyline is enjoyed by anyone headed south on Peachtree Road in Buckhead. It starts just south of Jesus Junction, and then ramps up around Lakeview Avenue, until Peachtree veers right around Peachtree Battle Shopping Center.

But as Palm notes, the recent tower erected to build the 18-story Dillon condo project illustrates just how the building will wall off that southward view corridor—or most of it.

“This new tower is going to obliterate one of the most enjoyable views of the Midtown/downtown skyline as you’re driving south downhill,” Palm wrote via email. “[The crane] makes it obvious how much we're going to lose since the building will come right up to the street.”

Recent photos showing southbound Peachtree Road's iconic views to Midtown and downtown—and how the forthcoming Dillon condo tower will largely block them. Courtesy of Eric Palm

Palm, who’s been visiting Atlanta for three decades and has lived here eight years, deliberately drives the Peachtree route south to take in “this iconic view of the IBM Tower/One Atlantic Center and Bank of America Plaza,” he wrote. “With all the construction in Midtown, especially the Google tower, I was afraid we’d lose the opposite view north on Peachtree [Street], from in front of Peachtree Center.”

He continued: “We have so few attractive view corridors in the city that the loss of the view from Buckhead makes me sick. I guess I need to put down my [condo] deposit, starting from the $2 millions, to get this view back.”

End of the world? Probably not. Food for thought? Yes indeed.

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