When it opened four years ago, the so-called "Broad Street Boardwalk" stood out as a tree-shaded, progressive example of what a more envelope-pushing, people-friendly future for downtown Atlanta could look like.

Situated on two former car lanes behind the revitalized FlatironCity building, the pedestrian plaza made from wood decking soon came to life as an outdoor social hub in the Fairlie-Poplar District, equipped with seating for neighboring restaurants, festive string lights, and spaces for events.  

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the boardwalk was fenced-off. Soon it devolved into a magnet for trash as the decking showed its age.

But that’s all set to change soon.

Scene from the boardwalk's short-lived heyday near Woodruff Park. Department of City Planning

The Broad Street project, located at the Luckie Street intersection just west of Woodruff Park, is undergoing reconstruction that’s set to wrap in June, according to Atlanta’s Department of City Planning.

The revised design—as planned in conjunction with Atlanta’s Department of Transportation and Atlanta Downtown Improvement District—will see “improvements to the structural decking support, drainage, integrated seating, and lighting,” plus bike racks, per a recent city announcement.

Demolition of the previous boardwalk, which was considered a long-term pilot project, began earlier this year.

Here’s a timeline provided by the city showing what to expect and when:

Department of City Planning

In other news regarding downtown communal spaces, nearby Forsyth Street is undergoing studies for a more people-friendly, multimodal redesign.

A new pedestrian mall has opened beside the Georgia World Congress Center, linking convention facilities to Mercedes-Benz Stadium. And historic Hurt Park’s long-planned renovation is finally happening.

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