The people have spoken, the stakes are huge, and Urbanize’s second-annual Best Atlanta Neighborhood tourney is about to begin!

As part of our efforts to spotlight the latest and greatest of Atlanta’s built environment, the time has come to start the most important quest of all: Crowning the city's top neighborhood of the year, as determined by whatever criteria you see fit.

To come up with Best Atlanta Neighborhood 2022 seeding, we asked for neighborhood nominations over the past week on the homepageTwitter, and Facebook. Dozens of reader votes flooded in, from Chosewood Park to Chamblee and West End—and beyond. Forty-two places earned nods overall ("Dildo Town" not included).

Midtown takes pole position in 2022 with the most nominations of any neighborhood by far, followed by Capitol View, Reynoldstown, Virginia-Highland, and so forth.

Interestingly, last year’s champion and current Golden Urby Chalice of Champions holder, Mozley Park, didn’t garner enough nominations for the 2022 contest. Which means mighty Mozley is playing nice and allowing others the chance to bask in everlasting glory, too.

So here’s the Sweet 16. Get your neighborhood pride ready, ATL. First round of competition begins tomorrow! 

Any predictions? 

• All hail Mozley Park, your Best Atlanta Neighborhood 2021! (Urbanize Atlanta)