Atlanta just isn’t Atlanta without a friendly, year-end, random competition to determine which neighborhood was most wonderful this year. ’Tis the season for honoring old traditions, after all.

But first, for this year's Best Atlanta Neighborhood tournament, we need you to nominate the neighborhood you believe is 2022’s best—for whatever reason.

Did your neighborhood show exceptional resilience and togetherness in 2022? Did it up its restaurant game? Were marvelous old homes restored on your street, or new ones built? Did an amazing park or building finally open? Etc.   

The goal is to keep the nomination process as simple and democratic as possible. Please follow these three easy steps:

1. In the comments section below, nominate one Atlanta neighborhood or nearby city in the metro. (If more than one place is named, only the first will be counted.)

2. If that’s too complicated, reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter with your neighborhood nomination.

3. Feel free to express why you think your/that particular neighborhood is 2022’s best. Go on—be proud!

Nominations will close at 1 p.m. sharp (EST) Monday.

The 16 Atlanta neighborhoods with the most nominations will qualify for the tournament. Seeding will be determined by number of nominations.

The winning Atlanta neighborhood, to be crowned in about two weeks, will receive the unyielding prestige of showing an entire city that it truly cares. It’ll also have bragging rights—like mighty Mozley Park has enjoyed—for a full year.

Here now, a recap of 2021 tournament pitfalls, drama, and triumphs—and Mozley Park's surprising, heroic warpath to victory: 

The 2021 tourney's action—with upsets galore.

The Golden Urby Chalice of Champions 2021.

Now, let’s have fun with this, keep it positive, and call attention to the inimitable places that make Atlanta special!

All hail Mozley Park, your Best Atlanta Neighborhood 2021! (Urbanize Atlanta)