So here’s the part where a Best Atlanta Neighborhood champion is typically crowned and a year of bragging rights ensues.

This year is not typical.

Following a nominations phase in mid-December and more than two weeks of fun, spirited, reflective competitions, voting closed Monday in the Championship round between No. 8 seed Castleberry Hill and No. 10 seed Avondale Estates.

As requested this year, an extensive analysis of voting results was conducted, deep into the night.

The good news: A record 27,000 votes were cast for cherished neighborhoods and ITP cities across Atlanta this year—and most of them were legit.

The Championship round, however … well, let’s just say suspicious voting patterns and frequencies were detected—evidence that voting bots were (allegedly) used—in some cases more blatant than others. The activity was evident among voters for both Championship contestants. It can’t be extracted from the tally data without running the risk of removing legitimate votes. We take pride in making this as fair as possible, and we can’t award one side for (allegedly) cheating more proficiently than the other.  

So we’re leaving the final say for this year’s tourney in the hands of the people. The poll below will be open for 24 hours, sharp. Don’t cheat. It will be noticed.  

After 24 hours, the top choice from the shortlist below will be the final verdict for 2022. (And don’t fret: Plans are already being formulated to eliminate this problem from the 2023 contest.)

Thanks again, Atlanta, for your participation the past three weeks—and for showcasing how proud of your places you really are. 

Please cast one more vote below.

(VOTING IN THIS POLL HAS CLOSED AFTER 24 HOURS. Congrats to Avondale Estates.)