Let’s face it: As Atlanta continues to evolve, meeting the demands of a growing populace and relatively strong employment base, more and more places are starting to look … out of place. Especially ones catering to industrial purposes.

So many popular intown housing communities and eating/drinking establishments were predated by worn-out factories, parking lots, and yes churches, it’s hard to keep track.

The commercial core of Inman Park comes to mind. Ditto for most of the Howell Mill Road corridor, south of Huff Road. And numerous parts of downtown Decatur. The list goes on.

A scene over ever-changing Old Fourth Ward in summer 2022, contrasting Sunbelt Rentals' construction equipment rental property with projects catered toward Atlanta's population influx. Josh Green/Urbanize Atlanta

While nobody’s advocating for people to lose their jobs or forfeit their companies (or, conversely, for corporations to get fatter by cashing out on intown land deals), it’s hard not to wonder if certain places shouldn’t realize the time is right to move on. To take one for the team, reap huge profits, and boost the greater good of a city where the housing shortage is still real.

But where are those places today? Those stubborn holdouts you’d prefer to see sell out? 

Please, for this installation of Friday Fun Bag, feel free to sound off in the comments. 

For inspiration, below you’ll find Before/After glances comparing just a few Atlanta sites that have changed so drastically over the years, in Home Park, Inman Park, and Decatur. Whether this all represents progress is debatable. Whether this city offers more options than it used to is not.