Nearly three years after it broke ground, an Avondale Estates project designed to add a vibrant, eclectic, mixed-use dimension to a former industrial district continues to round into shape.

Named for the two streets that form its eastern and western borders, the adaptive-reuse Olive + Pine project started opening last year and now counts seven tenants.

Those include the offices of architecture firm Office of Design, a partner in the project alongside Metro Green Construction and Tin Drum Asian Kitchen founder Steven Chan.

Office of Design principal and owner Andrew Rutledge tells Urbanize Atlanta two new restaurant concepts have signed leases and plan to be open by the end of 2024.

Seating areas outside the western Olive + Pine entry at 100 Pine St., a budding foodie destination in what's emerged as a brewery and arts district. Photography by Eric Sun; courtesy, Office of Design

Those include NiteOwl, set to open in April with Italian brick oven-style pizza plus a tiki bar and garden patio. (Rutledge says he can’t yet name the second forthcoming restaurant.) Another concept on tap in coming weeks is called Commune, a listening space that serves alcohol in different themed rooms.

Once those concepts open, Rutledge says a final 3,000-square-foot space will be the last available at Olive + Pine.

Clad in an exterior color scheme of white, black, and eye-catching shades of green, the 100 Pine St. project reimagined a set of buildings long used by Mann Mechanical, a low-rise industrial facility off East College Avenue where mechanical systems were engineered for more than 50 years.

The Grand Hall portion of the 25,000-square-foot space provides circulation and seating. Photography by Eric Sun; courtesy, Office of Design

The interior is highlighted and bisected by a central “Grand Hall,” which provides circulation and seating. Rutledge says tables in this space were made with reclaimed steel from the building and, for the tabletops, reclaimed bowling alley floors.

Olive + Pine’s five other tenants are: Akasa Hair Studio, Leftie Lee’s Bakery and Eatery, Little Gym (kids gymnastics), Wonderful World Coffee and Tea House, and Mr. John’s Music, which offers adult classes for voice, keyboard, ukulele, and guitar and features open mic nights once a month.   

Photography by Eric Sun; courtesy, Office of Design

Photography by Eric Sun; courtesy, Office of Design

The property is within a couple blocks of three Avondale Estates breweries: Wild Heaven, Lost Druid, and the newest entrant, Little Cottage, comprising what’s been coined the Dale Ale Trail (alongside The Beer Growler and My Parent’s Basement restaurant). Accordingly, the city implemented an Open Container Entertainment District in 2022 that stretches from Sam’s Crossing near Decatur to Avondale Estates’ Tudor-style downtown. That allows visitors to carry specially marked, 12-ounce plastic cups of booze throughout the district. 

Roughly three blocks east of the Olive + Pine project, Avondale Estates opened its 2-acre Town Green in summer 2022.

The city plans to eventually upgrade Franklin Street, which borders the food hall and will connect with the new greenspace, with enhanced landscaping and lighting to create a grander, more walkable boulevard feel, officials have said. 

In the gallery above, find more Olive + Pine context and photos.


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