Metro Atlanta, as you may have heard, is blessed with an abundance of fun, historic, lively, well-planned, and otherwise attractive suburban downtowns. But which is the very best among them? 

It's time to build a bracket and let voters across this great region decide! 

Similar to our Best Atlanta Neighborhood contests in 2021 and 2022, we need you to nominate the OTP city center you believe is the best in the land—based on whatever criteria you see fit. 

The goal is to keep the nomination process as simple and democratic as possible. Please follow these three easy steps:

1. In the comments section below, nominate one OTP downtown or planned city center in metro Atlanta within roughly a half-hour’s drive of Interstate 285. (If more than one place is named, only the first will be counted.)

2. If that’s too complicated, no worries: Reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter with your city nomination.

3. Feel free to express why you think your/that particular OTP place is metro Atlanta’s best. Go on—brag and be proud!

Nominations will close at 1 p.m. sharp (EST) Monday.

Metro Atlanta downtowns with the most nominations will qualify for the tournament. Seeding will be determined by number of nominations.

A few of the many OTP tournament options, via Reddit. u/Wannamannapeeah/Reddit

The winning contestant, to be crowned in a couple of weeks, will receive the bountiful prestige of showing an entire region that it truly cares—and that it’s the place to be, if that's your thing.   

The OTP March Madness will begin next week. Now, please, nominate!


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