Following a pause over the autumn and winter, work has recently restarted in earnest on a townhome project near the junction of Ormewood Park and East Atlanta.

Building permits indicate the development’s scope will include 22 for-sale townhomes and 44 surface parking spaces where Moreland meets Ormewood avenues, about four blocks south of East Atlanta Village.

Astute ATL urbanites will recall this was the former location of Jiffy Grocery, which gained a sort of cult following after it’d been closed for several years and the “J” fell off its main signage, rendering it “Iffy Grocery.”

The consonant-challenged former grocer was demolished last year.

The signage after the building had shuttered. It'd been closed about seven years before its demolition in 2021. Google Maps

The corner site in question as infrastructure work restarted earlier this month. Josh Green/Urbanize Atlanta

The townhome project marks another notable investment near the intersection. It neighbors the modern-style, six-townhome project by the Xmetrical firm called The Ormewood, located just to the north. And across Moreland Avenue, the 1960s Seville shopping center underwent a renovation in 2020 and sold in November for $2.5 million, fully leased with tenants that include Japanese restaurant Ok Yaki.

According to planning documents filed with the city last year, an LLC called 1160 Ormewood Ave., which included members of Monte Hewett Homes and Novare Group, planned to build each of the 22 townhomes as three-bedroom units.

Property records, however, indicate the .9-acre site sold for $1.35 million in January. Inquiries with Monte Hewett about the project’s status haven’t been returned.

An example of townhome facades planned along Moreland Avenue, according to filings made with the city last year. 1160 Ormewood LLC, City of Atlanta Planning Department; 2021

The community's planned layout submitted by developers last year. 1160 Ormewood LLC, City of Atlanta Planning Department; 2021

It’s not the first time developers have envisioned more active uses for the corner property.

In 2017, developers Third & Urban announced plans at the site for a “micro” mixed-use node called The Elway. It was expected to deliver in late 2018, but The Elway never broke ground.

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