Come next week, “beep beep” will be a reference to more than just Cobb Cloverleaf traffic.

Officials with the Cumberland Community Improvement District announced today that Beep—a company billed as the country’s leading autonomous mobility provider—plans to launch a pilot transportation program next week using shuttles with no drivers.

They’re calling the autonomous service the “Cumberland Hopper.”

The program is expected to kick off with a media event and shuttle unveiling Tuesday morning near Cobb Galleria Centre—specifically at the Interstate 285 Transit and Pedestrian Bridge that leads into The Battery Atlanta.

Example of a Beep autonomous mobility shuttle.

Details on how extensive Beep’s fleet will be and where the shuttles will go weren’t included in today’s announcement. But as part of the proposed Cumberland Sweep—a three-mile loop around the district with lanes for pedestrians, bikes, and autonomous vehicles—expectations for the program aren’t small.

“This project… aims to revolutionize transportation in the Cumberland community by offering enhanced connectivity, sustainability, and convenience for residents, visitors, and businesses,” officials noted in a media release today.

How autonomous vehicles would coincide with pedestrians, according to designs unveiled by Cumberland CID in 2021. Courtesy of Cumberland CID

The service launching next week was described as “comprehensive” and “pioneering” in the announcement.

Among the dignitaries expected to attend Tuesday’s unveiling are Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry, ATL State Road and Toll Authority executive director Jannine Miller, and others.

The color-coded loop of specific Cumberland Sweep sections, along with a possible pedestrian bridge (dotted dark blue) and future extensions. Courtesy of Cumberland CID


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