After more than 13,000 votes, several dramatic matches, and one blowout, the Elite Eight in Urbanize’s third-annual Best Atlanta Neighborhood tourney is officially in the books.

Which means it’s time, Atlanta, to meet your 2023 Final Four!

These four contestants are still alive in the quest to claim everlasting Best Neighborhood glory (for at least a year) as determined by the voting public—in very public fashion. The only criteria is that you vote for the place you feel is doing it right, right now.

Reader nominations determined the field of 16 contestants earlier this month. (Note: Cities close to the ITP core of Atlanta, such as Hapeville, are also permitted to enter, so long as enough people nominate them.)

The four left standing include typically strong contenders (East Atlanta, Reynoldstown), the 2021 runner-up (Summerhill), and an extremely motivated tourney newbie (Hapeville). But who will fully prevail this year, rising up to claim the crown?

The Final Four contests will be held Wednesday.

Those will be followed by the Best Atlanta Neighborhood 2023 Championship later this week.

Thanks again to all who’ve participated (13,032 votes and counting). Now, onward!

The hallowed pantheon of Best Atlanta Neighborhood tournament winners:

2011: Inman Park

2012: Old Fourth Ward

2013: Kirkwood 

2014: Reynoldstown 

2015: West End

2016: East Atlanta  

2017: West End (again)

2018-2020: (forced hiatus)

2021: Mozley Park

2022: Avondale Estates

2023: TBD 


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