Come next month, Atlanta BeltLine Inc. expects to be actively constructing new trail segments in almost every corner of the city.

BeltLine leadership has set an Aug. 4 groundbreaking date for a new section that will pick up where the hugely popular Eastside Trail ends today at Monroe Drive and Piedmont Park.

That .9-mile piece of the 22-mile loop—the Northeast Trail’s Segment 1—will travel behind Park Tavern near Piedmont Park’s main meadow before ending at Westminster Drive, near Atlanta Botanical Garden.

As revised maps show, the BeltLine’s plans call for using part of existing paved pathways through a forested area in the park’s northern section and building out the interim, gravel trail in that area later. (The section fronting Amsterdam Walk, where Portman Holdings is exploring a major redevelopment, would be paved in the BeltLine expansion scheduled to start next month.)

Where the Northeast Trail Segment 1 will be built and join with existing pathways in Piedmont Park's wooded northern section for now. Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

The BeltLine closed an Invitation to Bid on the Segment 1 project in May and expects to announce its contractor pick at a meeting late this month.

As Saporta Report relays, the Segment 1 scope will also include building a raised pedestrian crossing and bike lanes at the log jam of BeltLine patrons and vehicles that is the Monroe Drive and 10th Street intersection.

Segment 1 construction is expected to start in earnest the week after the August groundbreaking. The BeltLine forecasts construction will take between 12 and 18 months. All plans for street detours are TBD.

The interim state of the Northeast Trail's Segment 1 today (at right), behind Park Tavern. Google Maps

For those keeping score, BeltLine construction in Piedmont Park will join the Northeast Trail’s 1.2-mile Segment 2, which is pouring concrete now and expected to open a new link to the Lindbergh area and Buckhead sometime this fall.

On the Southside Trail, the interim pathway for Segments 4 and 5 is officially closed for construction. That 1.2-mile section in Grant Park, Ormewood Park, and Boulevard Heights is expected to be finished in spring 2025.

Meanwhile, at roughly 9 p.m. on the BeltLine’s clock face, the Westside Trail’s 1.3-mile Segment 4 is making rapid progress after breaking ground in March.

That project will link Washington Park up to Huff Road—and, at nearly 7 miles, will provide the longest, contiguous stretch of BeltLine to date. 


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