The BeltLine’s Northeast Trail corridor has been open in a rough, interim state for the better part of 13 years, but there’s nothing like fresh concrete to boost usability and make it officially real.

City officials and Atlanta BeltLine Inc. leaders gathered last week to mark the opening of the Northeast Trail’s Segment 2 and its required infrastructure, calling it a significant milestone in weaving the city back together by way of the 22-mile, multi-purpose loop.

It was the first and last ribbon-cutting for a new mainline BeltLine section this year. Naturally, this called for a full tour on two wheels ASAP. 

Nearing the long, mural-decorated tunnel under 10 lanes of Interstate 85.

Now stretching for 1.2 miles and bedecked in places with oversized murals, the Northeast Trail’s first two segments provide off-street mobility for several intown neighborhoods, linking the northern edge of Piedmont Park to the Armour district near SweetWater Brewing Company’s longtime home.

Along the way the trail passes Ansley Mall and Ansley Golf Course, bridges over the Buford-Spring Connector (with tall new protective fencing), and swoops under 10 lanes of Interstate 85 before ending, for now, at Mayson Street. Landscaping work is expected to continue throughout the winter.

Once finished, the full Northeast Trail promises to be a handy off-street link between Midtown and the Lindbergh (aka Uptown) area, in addition to places like the Cheshire Bridge Road corridor, stretching for more than two miles.

Another point of interest—a planned bridge project connecting the backside of Ansley Mall to the Northeast Trail—is now underway, as the gallery above shows. Have a look, starting from the northernmost point of the trail, no pedaling required.  


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