“What’s happening with the construction on the Campanile building at 14th and Peachtree?” an inquisitive reader named Trent recently asked, via email. “They have quit working on it. They made a real eyesore.” 

That’s been a common question among Midtown dwellers in recent months, as construction at transformative developments such as Midtown Union and Selig’s 1105 West Peachtree barrels ahead, while it’s been crickets at Campanile Plaza.  

Campanile’s owners, Dewberry Group, launched a dramatic renovation of the 21-story tower’s base in 2019, encircling a full city block in construction fencing while gutting lower floors and tearing out exterior common areas. Then things went quiet.

Dewberry reps haven’t responded to questions from Urbanize Atlanta this month about the project’s status. Records show no permitting activity since last spring—months after renovations had begun in earnest.

But according to a source, Dewberry officials informed Midtown Alliance heads during a recent call that work at Campanile, which occupies a marquee corner of Peachtree and 14th streets, is expected to resume within roughly the next month. No further details were available.  

Built in 1987 as Bell South’s corporate headquarters, the 450,000-square-foot Campanile was purchased in 2010 by Dewberry Group, led by controversial developer and prominent Midtown landowner John Dewberry.  

Several years ago Dewberry’s company completed a renovation that purged the Class A building of its 1980s datedness on upper floors, but its lobbies and plazas were still lacking an engaging connection with surrounding streets.

Thus began a 50,000-square-foot addition of two-story retail, plus modernized lobbies that Dewberry Group leaders feel could be among “the world’s most inspirational,” according to the company’s website.

Dewberry Studio, the company’s design component, has drawn up the Campanile overhaul in partnership with Berkley-based Wong Logan Architects and architect Peter Logan of New York City.

Plans had called for the revised Campanile to debut this summer, but that seems unlikely now. Dewberry Group has also mused about adding a 22nd floor to the building, swelling the property to 665,000 square feet—good for Atlanta’s 17th largest office tower.

For now, here’s a look at where the project stands, and where it was intending to go, at last check:

Campanile Plaza as renovations began in November 2019. Google Maps

watermark The idle Campanile site last month. Josh Green/Urbanize Atlanta

watermark Construction along 14th Street. Josh Green/Urbanize Atlanta

watermark At Juniper and 14th streets. Josh Green/Urbanize Atlanta

Planned look of the finished project from the north on Peachtree Street. Studio Dewberry

Revised Campanile base as seen from the south. Studio Dewberry

Interior plans could produce "one of the world’s most inspirational lobbies," per the Dewberry Group. Studio Dewberry

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