Around the corner from a Slutty Vegan outpost, one block from a historic section of Jonesboro’s Main Street, a nondescript office building has become what one businesswoman hopes will be a model launchpad for entrepreneurs in post-pandemic, up-and-coming communities across metro Atlanta.

The Jonesboro Office Mini-Suites don’t have the name recognition of Industrious, or the panache of Ponce City Market, but that’s kind of the point.

The first staffed location, recently opened by SkyRise Property Group, aims to allow business owners to expand beyond home offices in the wake of COVID-19 into flexible office settings without high rents or long-term leases, but with the opportunity to expand.

Located about 25 minutes from downtown, the 118 Stockbridge Road conversion project features 21 offices, ranging from 128 to 1,200 square feet.

Monthly rents start at $375 and top out at $1,500 right now.

The 118 Stockbridge Road building's exterior last winter. Google Maps

The 118 Stockbridge Road building's revised layout. Landrum Designs

The Jonesboro Office Mini-Suites are the first in a series of commercial redevelopments planned by investor and entrepreneur Njeri Warfield, head of SkyRise. She offers suites for companies of various sizes, and she notes that many initial tenants are women of color.  

“There are so many of these spaces that are underutilized already in existence in communities that need more amenities and resources,” Warfield wrote in an email to Urbanize Atlanta. “With a keen eye for up-and-coming communities in the metro area, we develop commercial spaces designed to provide resources for working professionals across a host of business industries.” 

Courtesy of SkyRise Property Group

Courtesy of SkyRise Property Group

Specifically, the suites have catered to employees in transportation and logistics, healthcare, local government, nonprofit, and the business sector. 

One early tenant, consulting firm owner Cyndi Renee, applauded several aspects of the new facility.

“I chose the Jonesboro Office Mini-Suites because of the convenience of the location, [and] I also love that it’s in the historic area,” said Renee, via email. “The price is great, and the on-site staff was simply amazing."

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