For a snapshot of Reynoldstown’s residential evolution (or regression, as some traditionalists might argue), look no further than Cleveland Street right now, a block west of Moreland Avenue.

That’s where three modest, single-story houses have been replaced with a row of duplexes—including the largest in the neighborhood, per marketers—that hope to fetch a total of $7.4 million soon.

Bobbie Spiller, a Keller Knapp Realty real estate consultant, tells Urbanize Atlanta she’s been working to piece together deals involving properties between 86 and 90 Cleveland St. since 2021, as a complex situation involving probate courts played out.

Following sales of the former homes, demolition, and construction, all six modern-style duplex units (three buildings total) from intown homebuilder WilliamMark Designs are set to be completed in coming weeks, according to Spiller.

The largest products could set new Reynoldstown sales records.

The three homes, from left, constituting 86 to 90 Cleveland St. in Reynoldstown prior to demolition. Google Maps

Duplex plans for 86 Cleveland St. in Reynoldstown. Courtesy of Keller Knapp Realty

That duplex, located at 86 Cleveland St., will be the biggest duplex units developed in Reynoldstown to date, with each side counting 3,500 square feet, according to Spiller. (In terms of interior space, that’s comparable to two five-bedroom intown homes linked together by a shared wall.)

Spiller said the elevator-ready units will also count the largest yards of any duplex in Reynoldstown, with city views from fourth-story rooftop terraces.

It’s expected to finish construction around the end of May, with each unit priced at $1.35 million once listings go live, per Spiller. 

The two other duplexes, 88 and 90 Cleveland St., are on pace to finish sooner, around May 1.

Those four units clock in around 2,400 square feet each—and each has already been sold before reaching the market, closing for $1.17 million apiece in January, per Spiller. [CORRECTION: 5:26 p.m., March 26: Spiller was referring to the existing homes closing in January; the four duplex units at 88 and 90 Cleveland St. have not been sold and will list for $1.1 million, she says.] 

How 88 and 90 Cleveland St. will relate to the street, with four units offering about 2,400 square feet each. Courtesy of Keller Knapp Realty

All six duplex units have four bedrooms, three and ½ bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, rooftop hangouts, and custom finishes throughout.

Spiller said WilliamMark Designs have finished more duplexes than any other builder in Reynoldstown to date. Which is saying something.


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