The Pratt Pullman District’s ambitions to become a full-blown arts and housing mecca will be adding a surprise element of gridiron clashes soon.

Pivoting dramatically from recent events featuring post-impressionistic art and 45-piece symphony performances, the historic redevelopment site in Kirkwood will soon be home to the second season of Fan Controlled Football, which is billed as “the first league ever where the fans call the shots.”

To pull that off, FCF has started building a new 1,500-seat arena in recent days that’s described by league officials as state-of-the-art for sports and entertainment. The 85,000-square-foot structure will offer a mix of field-level lounges, luxury suites, and other seating that puts fans close to game action.

The second FCF season kicks off April 16. Ticket prices haven’t been specified.

Projected look of the venue's interior. Image courtesy of Fan Controlled Football

Situated next to historically protected buildings near the center of the 27-acre property, the venue brings to mind the Overtime Elite basketball arena recently built at Atlantic Station, or the temporary arena erected for a Foo Fighters/Run the Jewels concert during Atlanta’s most recent Super Bowl.

FCF is partnering with the same content creation company, Crazy Legs Productions, that assisted with the first season at Duluth’s Infinite Energy Center last year.

One-hour games pit teams of seven players against each other on a field half the size of those in the NFL. Fans vote during games on Twitch, or via an FCF app, to determine which offensive plays will be run in real-time. 

The historic Kirkwood site as arena construction recently began. Image courtesy of Fan Controlled Football

According to the official pitch, the league “has redefined football for the digital age by combining the competitiveness of live sports, the engagement of fantasy sports, and the interactivity of video games into a live-streamed, leaned-in fan experience.”

FCF debuted in February last year with four original teams: Beasts, Glacier Boyz, Wild Aces, and Zappers. Four new expansion teams will be added to the league this year.

An aerial of the FCF arena's placement at 27-acre Pratt Pullman District, with Rogers Street depicted at bottom. Image courtesy of Fan Controlled Football

The second FCF season is expected to conclude in June, according to promotional materials.

Beginning this month, Pratt Pullman District is also scheduled to debut Imagine Picasso: The Immersive Exhibition in the property’s historic shed-like building that housed a similar Van Gogh experience for seven months last year.

Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the site, the century-old property's first housing —Broadstone Pullman, a 354-unit upscale apartment community—recently opened.

Diagonal from the new buildings housing rentals, three soundstages (soundproof, officials say) wrapped with more apartments and retail are also under construction.

Photos: Inside the first residences at Kirkwood's Pratt Pullman Yard (Urbanize Atlanta)