Some Ansley Park neighbors aren’t happy with developers’ plans to increase the density and size of a high-rise apartment project that’s been angling to move forward near Piedmont Park for several years, according to a new petition.

The complaints involve plans by Toll Brothers Apartment Living, a division of national homebuilding giant Toll Brothers, to build an apartment tower at 250 14th Street with 45 percent more units than were initially approved in 2019, according to petitioners.

The development’s critics plan to take the petition and their concerns to the Atlanta City Council, Zoning Review Board, and Board of Zoning Adjustment, which are scheduled to review Toll Brothers’ requested changes today, per the petition.   

“We are very concerned about the changes to the design,” reads the petition. “[Developers] are manipulating the zoning laws to greatly exceed limitations that were put in place to ensure a graceful transition from Peachtree Street to Piedmont Park and to preserve the integrity of the Ansley [Park] neighborhood aesthetic that we all love.” 

As of this writing, 147 people opposed to Toll Brothers’ plans had signed the petition. Reasons stated online include, “This is out and out greed,” and “[Developers] are taking advantage of the neighborhood.”

We’ve reached out today to Toll Brothers representatives in Atlanta and at the national level regarding the petition and will update this story with any response that comes.

A visual provided with the petition showing proposed changes at 250 14th Street some neighbors aren't pleased with.

The site's context as relates to Piedmont Park's western edge.Toll Brothers, via City of Atlanta

Quick backstory: Two of the parcels in question sold for $4 million in early 2020, and building permits were issued in September that year, records indicate.

In 2021, two longstanding Midtown houses on the north side of 14th Street—one that’d served as offices—were razed to make way for the development. Those properties, according to Toll Brothers’ earlier presentations, are being combined with a neighboring, cleared lot where a five-story condo stack called The Dowling was proposed five years ago but didn't take off.

City records indicate Toll Brothers applied in early 2022 for a permit to start building a 20-story tower—16 residential levels over a four-story parking deck—called “Vance on 14th.” According to Midtown Alliance, the Brock Hudgins Architects-designed tower would have included 175 units over 310 parking spaces, with no retail space planned.

Along 14th Street, the site is bordered by the Mediterranean-style Windsor apartments and a row of townhouses.

Planned rooftops at Toll Brothers' 250 14th Street project, per initial renderings. Toll Brothers, via Midtown Alliance

The sides facing downtown, at left, and Piedmont Park, per initial plans. Toll Brothers, via City of Atlanta

According to the petition, requested changes to the Toll Brothers building would add 70 units (for a total of 245) and another four stories, though floor heights would be decreased. Most of the additional apartments would be about 150 feet from Ansley Park properties and backyards, per the petition.

The building is expected to rise 250 feet. To achieve the added density, developers are requesting a special-use permit that would allow them to transfer development rights purchased from the Atlanta Historical Society’s property at 979 Crescent Avenue and 990 Peachtree Street, the petition states. Requested changes are described in the petition as “excessive.”

Petitioners are also decrying plans to increase the height of a parking garage on site from 35 to 65 feet, as it’s adjacent to residentially zoned property. That, too, would require a variance.


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