It’s hard to believe, but nearly 20 years have flown by since Atlanta unveiled its fresh slogan, “Every Day Is an Opening Day,” a somewhat befuddling effort to boost tourism that became national news.

When’s the last time you heard someone say that?

With spring coming on, we need fresh, catchier, more meaningful slogans around here, along the lines of “The City Too Busy to Hate” and “Decatur, Where It’s Greater.”

There’s no shortage of creativity in Atlanta. So let’s put our collective heads together and bestow good, honest, candid slogans on so many wonderful ATL neighborhoods, which each seem to have their own personalities anyway. Maybe it won’t boost the tax base or bring jobs, but it should be fun.

For inspiration, here’s a few actual slogans (official and not) from around the metro, both iconic and somewhat cheesy:    

“West End, Best End”

“Snellville, Where Everybody is Somebody”

“Decatur, Open for Business”

“You’ll Like What U.C.” (Union City)

“Lilburn is Hip”

“Kennesaw: Honoring Our Heritage, Forging Our Future”


And these are a few of our favorite suggestions—both in-house and otherwise:

“Loring Heights: Really close to a lot of places you’ve heard of”

“Reynoldstown: Duplex Capital of Georgia®”

“Boulevard Heights: It’s best you don’t even know we’re here”

“Edgewood: No, the neighborhood, not the street”

“Ansley Park: No Thru Traffic!” 

“Castleberry Hill: Still the Brooklyn of southwestern South Downtown”  

“Gresham Park: Please annex us”

"Tucker/Dunwoody: Because you grew up ITP and got priced out by transplants"

“Westview: We told y’all you should have bought in 2016”

“Vinings: Yep, still out here”  

“Kirkwood: Where Virginia-Highland dreams go to die.”

For this installment of Friday fun bag, we’re hankering to hear slogan suggestions for intown neighborhoods, official municipalities, and anywhere else that could use a fresh, catchy tagline.

Please have a go in the comments section below—but try to keep it (reasonably) appropriate.


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