An architecture firm known for decidedly modern houses is cooking plans for a multifamily building near the western fringes of Piedmont Park.

Jeffrey Baker, of architectural and interior design firm Jeffrey Bruce Baker, is scheduled to present plans for the five-story project during Midtown Development Review Committee’s first monthly meeting of 2023 on Tuesday.

The 261 12th Street parcel in question is a tight, 1/8th-acre site between a mid-rise apartment building on Piedmont Avenue and the Wilburn House condos, which overlook the park near Oak Hill. It’s located on the south side of 12th Street.

The site in relation to Piedmont Avenue, the park's Oak Hill area, and a strip of restaurants just to the north. Google Maps

Property records indicate a bungalow structure on the site now was previously converted to apartments. The last sale on file was a $500,000 transaction in 2013.

Baker’s proposal calls for replacing the home with a boutique building that would have just three units across four stories. Whether those would be apartments or for-sale condos isn’t specified in a Midtown DRC agenda, but logic says they won't be shoeboxes.

Crowning the building on the fifth floor would be a partially covered rooftop level with a small pool, according to Midtown Alliance.

A recessed entry lobby, stairwells, and two separate elevators—one for people, the other for vehicles! —would be located at ground level, per the Midtown DRC agenda.

The bungalow at 261 12th Street today, as seen between multifamily buildings with Piedmont Park located to the left. Google Maps

Fulton County Government/Board of Assessors

Six parking spaces, reachable by the auto elevator, would be buried beneath the building. That elevator would be accessed by a driveway along the property’s eastern border.

On the west side of the property, plans call for a dog run, landscaping, and trash service. The four stories of residential units would be cantilevered above all of that.

Three surface parking spots are also in the plans.

Midtown DRC, an appointed board, vets development proposals and provides recommendations to the city’s Office of Planning. Tuesday’s in-person monthly meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m.


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