Thousands of voters from around metro Atlanta have spoken. Blowouts, close contests, and wild upsets have ensued. And yes, Round 1 in Urbanize’s inaugural Best Atlanta Neighborhood tourney is in the books.

Atlanta: Meet your Elite Eight!

These eight contestants are still alive in the quest to claim everlasting Best Neighborhood glory (for at least a year) as determined by the voting public—in very public fashion. The only criteria is that you vote for the place you feel is doing it right, right now.

Reader nominations determined the field of 16 neighborhoods earlier this month. (Cities close to the ITP core of Atlanta, such as Decatur and College Park, were also permitted to enter, so long as people nominated them.)

The eight competitors left standing represent a wide, eclectic swath of the city, from Westside, to the southside, to the eastside, and many points between. There are scrappy underdogs and places that have been killing it—at least in terms of hype and relatively smart growth—for years.

Which one do you think will prevail, rising up to claim the crown?

The next contests will be held today and Tuesday. The Final Four and Best Neighborhood 2021 Championship come later this week. Thanks again to all who’ve participated. Now, onward!

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