Hapeville’s evolution toward denser development is set to continue on one of the main traffic arteries into the southside city’s historic downtown.

Marietta-based McNeal Development recently received city approval to proceed with 58 townhomes at 3335 Dogwood Drive, replacing several older, vacant houses just north of Arches Brewing and Hapeville’s main drag, North Central Avenue.

An application for rezoning filed Feb. 5 describes the single-family homes’ current condition as “dilapidated,” though some were occupied as recently as 2022.  

Conditions of houses in question today along Dogwood Drive, just north of Hapeville's main commercial district. Google Maps

Planned three-story facades along Dogwood Drive in Hapeville. The Hartwin Group/McNeal Development

The properties previously had a split zoning designation of Urban and Urban Village; developers succeeded in consolidating all parcels to Hapeville’s latter zoning designation, which is intended to allow for more density while strengthening walkability.

The project would cover about 3 acres total—and each of the townhomes will be Build-to-Rent, instead of being for sale. The least expensive rental option for a two-bedroom unit will be roughly $2,400, according to a presentation by the development team.

The project's BTR status was a bone of contention among some Hapeville City Council members last week.

Votes were split 2-2 among the city council, which required Hapeville Mayor Alan Hallman to cast a tie-breaking vote Wednesday; Hallman voted "yes," approving the assemblage of properties along Dogwood Drive.

Overview of the 58-unit BTR townhome site plan. The Hartwin Group/McNeal Development; Kimley-Horn

The 3335 Dogwood Drive properties in relation to Arches Brewing and other central Hapeville businesses and landmarks. Google Maps

Meanwhile, a few blocks north of the Dogwood Drive project on the same street, another 28-unit townhome venture called Shirley Estates is taking shape, replacing a vacant car lot. Those townhomes are for sale, with prices starting in the low $500,000s. 

In other recent Hapeville development news, Charlotte-based developer Terwilliger Pappas has introduced plans for a five-building, mixed-use project called Solis Hapeville that would rise at 3558 Elm St., near Porsche’s expanded North American headquarters and the city’s eastern fringes. Those plans call for 310 apartments and a retail strip at ground level, fronting Porsche Avenue.  

Find more context and images for the BTR Dogwood Drive project in the gallery above.


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