A homebuilding company led by a husband-wife duo is planning a full Fulton County subdivision of recycled shipping-container houses they say are stylish, low-maintenance, environmentally responsible, relatively affordable, and all but indestructible.

The site in question sits along an existing cul-de-sac in the rolling hills of the City of South Fulton, about 20 miles southwest of downtown. The homebuilding company, Evo Haven, is based in the area and led by Majesty and Elize Gayle, a proudly millennial couple and owners of real estate business INTL Realty Partners.

Their plans, while unique for Atlanta’s suburbs, echo small intown projects created of former cargo containers once used to transport goods in bulk. A similar multi-home venture called Stacks at Wilson is now coming together near Westview Cemetery in Dixie Hills.  

One variation of the least expensive "Imagine" plan, a three-bedroom option with 1,375 square feet. Courtesy of Evo Haven

Evo Haven’s plans, as announced earlier this month, call for 17 modern-style container homes to be built on a 10-acre property as customers order them. The area, per the company, is “claimed to be the most welcoming and safest community for individuals and families. 

If floorplans and renderings are any indication, the Evo Haven offerings will hardly qualify as tiny houses, and the aesthetic could recall sustainable housing builds you might find around Miami.

The "Dream" floorplan has three bedrooms and a den in 1,996 square feet. Courtesy of Evo Haven

The three available plans—dubbed “Imagine,” “Dream,” and “Vision”—cost between $305,000 and $357,000. That buys either three or four bedrooms, and between 1,375 and 1,996 square feet.

Once plans are finalized with buyers, Evo Haven says homes can be constructed in six weeks to three months. The homes’ lifespan is estimated at more than 25 years “with minimal maintenance.”

The "Vision" plan living room, with floating stairs to a second story. This option includes three and 1/2 bathrooms. Courtesy of Evo Haven

The company notes the dwellings are categorized as “real property” and appraised just like any other single-family residence—which is to say, these ain’t mobile homes. 

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