East Atlanta Village’s growth spurt appears set to continue in 2022.

Atlanta-based Pellerin Real Estate, best known for the Beacon warehouse redevelopment in Grant Park, is moving forward with its sixth East Atlanta project at a site just north of Argosy restaurant and bar.

Pellerin recently closed on two parcels—456 and 462 Flat Shoals Avenue—currently home to parking lots and an outdoor dining facility.

The developer plans to replace that soon with a four-story, mixed-use building that would screen a new parking lot in back, as Pellerin’s principal, Philippe Pellerin, tells Urbanize Atlanta.

How the four-story building would meet Flat Shoals Avenue. Courtesy of Pellerin Real Estate; designs, TSW architects

Overlooking watering holes and clothing boutiques, the building would include 37 apartments, ranging from studios to two-bedrooms, atop roughly 5,000 square feet of retail at street level along Flat Shoals. The brick-clad façade, bookended by curved balconies, is meant to echo existing buildings around the Village, says Pellerin.

Pellerin’s team includes architects TSW. They applied for a Special Administrative Permit to move forward with construction just before Christmas.

Existing on-street parking, trees, light poles, signage, and street furniture will be retained, architects noted in the SAP application. An opening in the building’s Flat Shoals Avenue façade would be the entry point for parking behind it.

Overview of the two EAV lots in question with a combined .65 acres. LoopNet

The infill project would continue a surge of real estate investment across EAV that’s seen multiple storefronts and lots transformed, as more than 70 townhomes have materialized in three separate projects, claiming mostly underused or vacant properties.

Pellerin says his company recognizes the need for more affordable housing in southeast Atlanta, but the 37 new apartments won’t include any government-subsidized units that meet affordability classifications.

“The best tool we have to deliver that housing is more supply on sites like this, where people in the service industry and who work intown can live where they work and recreate,” Pellerin wrote in an email.

“While this project will not be subsidized by the city or other governmental entities to create affordable housing, our smallest units will be the smallest… in the market,” Pellerin continued. “As a result, [the apartments] will have a low monthly price compared to other units in the area. This approach is in line with the term ‘market rate affordability,’ where we create affordable housing based on market factors and not government intervention.”

Pellerin’s goal is to break ground on the Flat Shoals Avenue project this summer and deliver in winter 2023.  

View from the south, next to Argosy's parking. Courtesy of Pellerin Real Estate; designs, TSW architects

The .65 acres in question were recently for sale via Gene Kansas Commercial Real Estate for $1.65 million. They include about 160 feet of frontage along Flat Shoals Avenue.

Elsewhere in the Village, Pellerin’s projects have remade numerous properties along nearby Glenwood Avenue. Those include Southern Feed Store, a six-stall food hall concept that overhauled longtime EAV destination Graveyard Tavern.

The developer is finishing construction on a three-story, mixed-use project called The Marbut, next to Hippin Hops Brewery and Oyster Bar. It entails 6,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial spaces, topped by 21 one-bedroom apartments.

Other Pellerin projects in EAV include three revitalized storefronts on Glenwood Avenue for OxFit gym, OxWork business club, and a fusion coffee shop concept by The Victorian plant purveyor and Bellwood Coffee.

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