Imagine a giant cylindrical promo for Monster Energy drink, Netflix, Chick-fil-A, or right-wing national media shooting 300 feet into the skies over downtown Atlanta.

That’s what the company behind one of Atlanta’s most visible older buildings is asking of the general public as it strives to sell gargantuan intown ad space like no other.

Long known for its unabashed, sometimes controversial digital takes on just about anything, the 30-story Corey Tower is undergoing a rebranding as “ATL Tower” and aiming to court local or national advertisers to “make a branding statement” to hundreds of thousands of Downtown Connector commuters per day.

One of the more benign ATL Tower proposals would salute another homegrown company with 30 stories of red paint and quippy cows. Corey Companies (

That means the entire, former Georgia Power steam plant facility is available to be modified as advertising, in addition to the ultra-bright, 2,000-square-foot LED billboard installed a decade ago. (Back when the owner, longtime ad executive Bill Corey, compared the structure to Atlanta’s version of the Space Needle, St. Louis Arch, or Statue of Liberty.) 

“This massive structure can be adapted creatively and aesthetically to STAND OUT visibly across the downtown area,” per the Corey Companies pitch. “The vertical surface allows your brand to display a constant message to be seen in full color 24 hours a day.”

Some hypothetical Corey Tower paint jobs aren't exactly apolitical. Corey Companies (

Corey Companies (

Corey Companies (

Exactly what the going rates are to splash your brand all over downtown’s most famous 300-foot phallus isn’t yet clear. We reached out to Corey reps late Monday but have yet to hear back.

As one local tipster points out via email, Corey’s strategy for advertising the potential ads could be as polarizing as some messaging saluting, uh, a certain federal official that’s been spotted on the tower over the years.   

“[The] website about the tower’s ‘rebranding’ is full of renderings of the tower sporting logos sure to make Urbanize readers’ hair spontaneously combust,” reads the email. “Newsmax? JFC.”

Corey Companies (

Corey Companies (

Corey Companies (


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