This October will mark five years since the Braves’ last game at Turner Field, and while countless summer-night victories and tailgating hoedowns were had in Summerhill, the long-held theory that the MLB team’s presence was holding the area down economically is proving valid.

What’s springing up at developer Carter and Georgia State University’s 80-plus acre reimagining of Summerhill is a mix of retail restoration projects that have brought an influx of dining (from craft beer to fast-casual vegan and deep-fried donuts) and services such as orthodontics and a salon. Almost 1,200 apartments and townhomes by several heavyweight builders have opened, or are under construction, within a few blocks of each other. Turner Field is GSU’s football stadium. And that half-billion in investment dollars is just the beginning.

With baseball season in full swing, and summer on the horizon, we took to the skies over Summerhill to see how it’s all coming together. If you haven’t been for a while—or even if you live around the corner—this vantage point could surprise you. Take a tour in the gallery above.  

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