As large-scale Atlanta development goes, these two projects on opposite sides of Centennial Olympic Park have little in common—beyond their downtown location and the fact that both are becoming active construction sites at the same time.

Also, both are claiming what’s been underused or vacant property for years. (Celebration emoji.) 

Recent downtown explorations revealed that a high-rise student housing tower called The Metropolitan is fully underway (as predicted by developers in March), while the first signs of construction fencing and heavy equipment have materialized at a long-delayed, high-profile Georgia World Congress Center Authority hotel project next to Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Collectively, the projects are expected to produce more than 70 stories of new construction, joining the likes of Margaritaville’s condo tower, new luxury apartments, and high-rise student rentals that promise to boost downtown living options and pedestrian vibrancy.

Skedaddle up to the gallery for a closer look via photos from this week (randomly taken at night) and more context. 

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