This first official week of summer was a big one for streets in Atlanta—those both famous and infamous. But other interesting happenings from the commercial real estate, urban planning, and architecture worlds were spotted all over the region. Have a gander below at highlights from passionate readers who chipped in their 2 cents this week: 

“Love going in this building—it’s like an industrial cathedral. You can't help but look up and be in awe of the structure. Amazing organization, too. Glad Atlanta has people like [Lifecycle Building Center].” — true to the avatar name, commenter Hopeful4Atlanta supplies the good vibes, “Century-old warehouse off BeltLine's Westside Trail to see $3M makeover

It is a brilliant house—for the thinking person.” — David Hamilton, via Facebook, on enlightened residential architecture, “Recognizable 'modern masterpiece' hits market again in Old Fourth Ward


“Bravo! That's the way we move forward in becoming a world city. Now let’s cap [interstates] 75/85.” — commenter TeslaDriver ironically cheers the subtraction of driving lanes, “Peachtree Street lanes now closed downtown for pedestrian, cyclist uses

Rubenstein Partners; designs, ASD/SKY

“This area is Lindbergh. If you really want to see your investment return dividends, work with GDOT and ATLDOT to transform Piedmont Road from a car-sewer into an inviting boulevard where pedestrians can safely cross and vehicles speeds are lower.” — commenter cqholt knocks Rubenstein Partners’ district rebranding efforts, “Renderings: Meet the new Lindbergh—err, 'Uptown Atlanta'”

“This would be the fourth false start. On the positive side, the potholes, sinkholes, ravines, ruts, trenches, chasms, abysses, gullies, ruptures, breaches, gorges, and craters all help keep speeds at a minimum.” — commenter dewd tells it like it is, “At long last, Atlanta to begin overhaul of DeKalb Avenue, Decatur Street

“Wait ’til they have to deal with the noise and traffic.” — commenter awldat waxes clever, “Priced from $225K, condos overlooking racetrack are selling out"


Note: The above commentary has been edited in some cases for clarity and length.