Summer is almost officially upon us, Atlanta, and this week saw heated banter across all channels on topics ranging from the quality of intown multifamily design, suburban downtown redevelopment, and—as always—the scourge of ATL power lines. Our exhaustive, highly scientific selection process has produced a few thought-provoking highlights: 


“That’s the way you do it. Develop a structure that suits the neighborhood and the lot. Please, no more soulless mixed-use architecture in our historic neighborhoods.” — commenter VaHigh applauds Edgewood Avenue construction plans, “Triangular-shaped housing addition to echo downtown history

“My gut tells me the population forecasts (for Atlanta proper) of a few years ago will prove to be overly optimistic, but I do think people are going to want/need to get to ATL from regional cities like this, and especially from the suburbs and exurbs.” — Steve Saenz, via Facebook, on another reason why an expanded rail network would work, “Amtrak aims to greatly expand Atlanta rail service across Southeast

Courtesy of Ansley Real Estate; Flats at the Indie

“Riddle me this, Batman: Why do new build condos have FULL-SIZE kitchens and not a dedicated full-size dining room? Seems like a better use of space in 734 square feet would be a smaller kitchen and a dining room with at least enough room for a four-person dining table.” — commenter Letmesaythis has a beef with condo spatiality, “Images: BeltLine's first new condo building in forever is starting to sell

“This isn't endemic to Atlanta. This building type and architecture can be found in spades across the Northeast and some of the densest communities in the U.S. are seeing these built (Weehawken, Hoboken, Jersey City...).” — commenter Alex on this generation’s multifamily architecture in America, “Decatur's revised 'Notion' project targets early 2022 debut

“Nothing says $5M like animal heads on the wall.” — commenter J Aus laments the rustic, macho North Georgia lodge aesthetic, “Photos: Priciest house on Georgia's most expensive lake just sold in days