As Atlanta’s population grows, traffic thickens, and more residents shift toward car-free or car-lighter lifestyles, a nagging question persists:

Do our destinations have sufficient places to securely park bicycles and other modes of non-vehicle mobility?

The Atlanta Department of Transportation has built a means of quickly answering that question as it relates to businesses, parks, and other bikeable destinations across the city.

To help celebrate Biketober, ATLDOT developed a bike parking inventory app called ATL Rack ‘n Ride in hopes of assisting cyclists and micromobility users.

Another goal is to beef up bike parking options in strategic locations around town.

A portion of the ATL Rack ‘n Ride app shown with intown destinations spotlighted and flagged to date. Atlanta Department of Transportation

The app features an inventory of current bike racks (many with photos!) while giving the public and partner organizations a means of suggesting locations where bike racks are needed. (Because what’s worse than chaining a pricey new two-wheel ride to a gas meter or skinny tree a block away when waiting in line for brunch, right?)

Intuitive and color-coded, the app works on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Users are able to upload photos and drop in comments or feedback. Bike lanes in streets and multi-use trails have recently been added for context.

ATLDOT officials say the suggested bike parking locations will help them pinpoint where racks are most needed and allocate resources accordingly, as the department works to expand bike parking across Atlanta.

“Reliable bike parking is essential to support cycling as a mode of transportation, promote safety and theft prevention by adding more secure racks, and help eliminate a significant barrier for micromobility trips,” Ashley Finch, ATLDOT’s shared micromobility coordinator, said in an announcement this week.

Added Solomon Caviness, ATLDOT commissioner: “This inventory, along with numerous infrastructure improvements planned across the city, will support more first [and] last-mile connections being made by bike.”

Have a gander at the ATLDOT app, which will also be available in Spanish soon, right here.


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