As part of ongoing Best of Atlanta 2021 coverage, Urbanize’s inaugural Best Atlanta Neighborhood tournament kicked off last week with 16 places vying for the prestige of being called the city’s greatest. Now, for each Elite Eight contest, voting will be open for 24 hours. Please, let’s keep the tourney fun and positive, as one neighborhood rises above the rest in very public fashion. The quest to crown a champion resumes now!



Mozley Park's residential architecture is heavy on bungalows and ranches but includes a variety of other styles. Google Maps

Mozley Park, a historic community located about three miles west of downtown, surged into the Best Atlanta Neighborhood tourney with enough nominations to qualify for a No. 3 seed. The proud Westside neighborhood then proceeded to ride that momentum to a victory over crosstown counterpart Edgewood, capturing 54 percent of 611 votes cast.  

With entrances galore to the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail, plus a lovely eponymous greenspace with a pool and fresh playground, Mozley Park earned kudos this year for breaking ground on the Westside’s first off-leash dog park, while home sales climbed to previously unfathomable heights, spelling good news for homeowners who can handle the taxes. Mozley Park’s opponent this round, however, is a true tournament heavyweight. 


Inman Park's commercial nerve-center along North Highland Avenue sprung from former industrial land. Google Maps

One of Atlanta’s most celebrated historic neighborhoods is also famous for not taking itself too seriously. Except when it comes to criteria-free tournaments that determine the city’s best places to live. Inman Park ousted a formidable opponent—and its geographic neighbor—in Round 1 action, edging Old Fourth Ward with 55 percent of votes.

While its beloved neighborhood festival may not have returned to its rollicking, pre-COVID state yet, Inman Park is witnessing its commercial hubs blossom along Krog Street (hello, Krog District) and North Highland Avenue, joining so many gorgeous Victorians. In the first round, IP snagged a total of 257 votes. Given the motivation exhibited by Mozley Park to date, a tally like that might not cut it.