A relatively massive blank slate of construction-ready land along the BeltLine’s Southside Trail has come to market.

Situated next to Pittsburgh Yards, an adaptive-reuse office project and jobs hub that delivered its first phase in 2020, the land in question has always been part of the broader vision for the former trucking facility site about three miles south of downtown Atlanta. The first section of the Southside Trail, along the southern rim of the property, opened in 2021.

Cushman & Wakefield has been retained to lease the five pad-ready, “plug and play” sites, which total more than 5 acres. The goal is to attract organizations capable of creating up to 1,000 more jobs at Pittsburgh Yards on the parcels of varied sizes.

Proximity of the sites in question to the Southside Trail's first completed segment, as shown at right. Courtesy of Cushman & Wakefield

Approved rezoning for industrial mixed uses and light industrial (I-MIX and I-1) will allow for anything from boutique mixed-use development to light manufacturing, distribution, trade school and workforce, and health and wellness uses, among others, according to the marketing team.

Each site has utility and stormwater management systems in place, with more than 200 lighted parking spaces, several EV charging stations, and “multiple bike racks” next door, according to Cushman & Wakefield.  

The goal is to “create unique opportunities which impact Pittsburgh Yards users in a way that provides ease of access and a sense of a community while activating the Southwest Atlanta region,” Re’Nauta Bell, a Cushman & Wakefield senior associate and member of the firm’s Tenant Advisory Group in Atlanta, said in a prepared statement this week. “This aligns with the vision of the existing community.”

Courtesy of Cushman & Wakefield

The 31-acre Pittsburgh Yards, a project led by philanthropic organization The Annie E. Casey Foundation, is unique among BeltLine-bordering developments in that it’s geared toward benefiting the surrounding communities with jobs and programming.

Pittsburgh Yards' Nia Building includes 101 office suites today, and a new onsite food and retail component called the Container Courtyard is expected to open beside the BeltLine sometime this spring, officials said this week.

We’ve asked Cushman & Wakefield reps for more details on pricing and building restrictions for the sites in question. This story will be updated with any additional info that comes. UPDATE: 11:10 p.m., Feb. 2: Please see below for C&W responses to specific questions: 

1. Do you have info on pricing for these parcels? 

There is the potential for various deal structures, including a ground lease or sale, based upon what kind of structure a user or developer wants to erect. If a development opportunity is positioned to ownership, they are willing to entertain the offer, but interested parties must keep in mind that well-positioned, prime real estate within an industrious and growing community is what is on the table. All numbers will be based upon the offer structure with consideration to highest and best use and what makes economic sense.

2.Could they be sold separately, or only as a 5-acre package? 

Each pad has its own vibe. Developers have the option to add energy to each independent pad-site or “vibe,” or they can take all the pads and create a collective vibe to add to the vibrancy of the Pittsburgh Yards landscape. 

3.What are the restrictions in terms of what can be built there (density, etc.)?

The pad sites offer an FAR of over 217,000 square feet in totality, and developers can take advantage of limited height restrictions regarding the vertical real estate. The project will only include uses that elevate the community and bring forth growth to the area. All uses that are centered around vices will be discounted. Pittsburgh Yards is interested in working with partners that envision a vibrant place to work, create, shop and play. This is an unprecedented opportunity to be a part of Atlanta history.


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