A much smoother, paved connection between Midtown and destinations such as Ansley Mall, the Armour District, and south Buckhead remains under construction but is ahead of schedule, with an opening potentially coming this month.

The BeltLine piece in question is the first phase of the Northeast Trail’s Segment 1. If that sounds confusing, think of the paved path—previously called the Carriage Trail—that snakes up from Piedmont Park meadows, beside the Atlanta Botanical Garden, to points north, alongside the banks of Clear Creek.

Phase one is replacing what used to be a cracked, asphalt path beside the creek.

Its concrete has been poured, and the installation of lighting, landscaping, and security cameras will begin soon, with the trail potentially opening in February—long before fall 2024, as previously expected, according to Atlanta BeltLine Inc.’s most recent construction progress rundown.

When phase one does open, expect temporary barriers to remain while BeltLine crews await permanent handrails to be delivered.

The newly poured Northeast Trail section in Piedmont Park, just east of Atlanta Botanical Garden. Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

While relatively short, the paved section means BeltLine patrons in the area won’t have to detour onto the interim gravel trail that’s currently being heavily patronized.

But heads up to fans of that route: ABI reports the Clear Creek bridge along the gravel trail will be refurbished once the paved phase one opens.

Meanwhile, Segment 1’s second phase from near Piedmont Park’s dog parks to Park Tavern has wrapped erosion-control work and removed all necessary trees and stumps. Work on grading, wall installation, and stormwater is underway now, but trail installation sounds a ways off as the contractor sorts out utility conflicts spanning the length of the trail, per ABI.

An updated map showing planning and construction status of all trail segments around the 22-mile BeltLine loop. The Northeast Trail segments in question are shown at top right. Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

Lastly for Segment 1, the highly anticipated phase three—pedestrian safety upgrades where 10th Street meets Monroe Drive—could begin with sidewalk work as early as March 11, according to BeltLine officials.

Contractor Reeves Young has applied for traffic and sidewalk permits for that portion of the project, while planning and logistics work continues. BeltLine officials say “ample community notice and coordination” will take place before work begins.

All three pieces of Segment 1 through Piedmont Park remain on schedule to be completed sometime this fall, the BeltLine reports.


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