Substantial changes around Reynoldstown’s coveted section of the Atlanta BeltLine include a modern-style, infill duplex project that’s now fully complete and trying to sell out.

On formerly empty Kenyon Street lots, located just east of the Krog Street Tunnel and north of Memorial Drive, design-build firm Abode has constructed two duplexes where BeltLine living doesn’t get much more literal.

According to Sarah Kiomall, a listings manager with the Anna K Intown Team/Keller Williams Intown, two of three Kenyon Street homes have sold, and a third is pending.

Which leaves Unit B.

Asking $750,000, the dwelling has two bedrooms and three bathrooms in 1,500 square feet, spread across three levels. It’s marketed as being “sleek, clean, and classic” as well as open, lofty, and “inspired by natural elements.” Two large porches are positioned like platforms for BeltLine people-watching, with a village of new-home construction just beyond.

Photography by Daniel Stabler; courtesy of Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta

When these homes first blipped the radar in February, they were asking $650,000, meaning a 15 percent price increase has ensued since.

Beyond location, perks include induction ovens, frameless showers, quartz countertops, soft-close cabinetry, and systems designed to be efficient, per the sales team.

Units offer tandem parking in two-car garages at the base level, facing the Eastside Trail, with small porches fronting the street. A privacy fence walls off the BeltLine from the backyard—if that’s the correct term—and parking areas.

Stein Steel, the longstanding steel manufacturer that departed the neighborhood in 2021, had sold the lots where the duplexes now stand for $375,000 each.

The sidewalk-less Kenyon Street lots in March 2020. Google Maps

Photography by Daniel Stabler; courtesy of Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta

The Abode project continues a trend of semi-detached living options with two bedrooms spotted all across Atlanta—from East Atlanta to Lindridge-Martin Manor and Pittsburgh—as townhome and duplex developers aim to maximize density on available land. 

Abode has been active in Reynoldstown for years, completing projects such as Rtown Lane and Mattie Branch alongside numerous standalone homes, most with a restrained modern look that leans Scandinavian.

For more context and photos of this finished infill product, head up to the gallery.  

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